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Credit Cleaning Services from Nationwide Credit Clearing

For over 15 years, Feldman Financial Services has been using Nationwide Credit Clearing products to help its clients clean their credit.


Nationwide Credit Clearing has been in business since 1985 helping thousands of individuals that have "credit challenges" legally remove the negative, derogatory and incorrect information appearing on their credit reports from the three credit bureaus. By challenging these items, they have found that individuals and couples can lead easier lives in today's economy. The loss of a job, an unforeseen expense and so many other things can lead to one having problems with their credit.

Nationwide's services include removing foreclosures, short sales, Federal and State tax liens, repossessions, civil judgments, medical and credit card collection accounts, past due payments on student loans and almost anything else that would have a negative affect on one's credit and related score. While credit scores are not provided, Nationwide's job of credit cleaning and the removal of the negative(s) generally will increase a FICO score.

Nationwide's systems for TransUnion and Equifax are direct in-house into the credit bureaus. Online service are provided for clients to view progress of work that is being performed on their behalf. 
Many of Nationwide's "partnering" client's enjoy the fact that the company can set up a link between their office and the client's to also view this information.

Nationwide's service has no cost to you, as Feldman Financial Services will work directly with a client to achieve individual desired goals.


Please note that Nationwide's services do not include eliminating the financial aspect of the debt, but the appearance of the negative on the reports. 


Thank you for your inquiry! Someone will contact you shortly.

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